Blitz 2.0


We changed colors and we choose to restyle the logo to respond to the Blitz soul.

Client: Blitz - PK Studio
Date: December 7, 2017
Services: Visual Design, Art Direction, Animation

BLITZ, 2.0

I worked with Blitz during some years. Communication in medical-scientific sector and event design it’s daily life for them.

We worked on a lot of different projects, designing together packagings, events, new brans and much more.

My support was also useful to help Stefania -Blitz’s director manager- in renewing the corporate image of Blitz.

She wanted a design very related to Blitz philosophy, a fresh image with capable to make a link with the past, but very fresh and new at the same time. 

The result was ‘Blitz 2.0’ to celebrate the 20 years of Blitz and  also a new beginning! 

“Be passionate, professional and open minded: you'll win!”

Alex Deigner