Lia Crabita

Client: Telesardegna
Date: 2021
Services: Character design, 2D Animation, Motion graphics


My phone rang: Sardinian television -Telesardegna- was looking for some ideas for new programs. They wanted to make some kids programs. We talked a lot. That’s how I start to design this character.

I am glad to introduce you Lia Crabita a little, playful, jumping goat. She is a perfect guide for kids, she introduce them the local Sardinian traditions, National historical identity and she helps them in making new things with
recycle materials. She does not look as the very first version of her character design, but it is just because, as usually appends with design, the original idea is just the first step of creativity to make a real and better production.

This show was her first time on TV, but she does not look shy at all. And if you can keep a secret, I can tell you that she told me the she had a very good time and she’s planning to repeat!